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Internet Plan?

What is your best plan



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Here we are users, however, depend on your needs, here the link you can customize the plan and see it





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It is not clear if your question is regarding mobile or residential internet. In any case, it depends on your needs and consumption. For example, the minimum data for mobile is 1Gb. It is good enough if you are a light user (emails, Google, mms). If you want to watch videos on Youtube or use skype or viber, you'll need much more.
Same for the residential. If you are a light user, the speeds of 10 or 15 mbps are good enough.
You can change your plan (mobile and residential) any time, but it will be effective on the next payment cycle.
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One thing that is important to know that all internet plans with Fizz are unlimited download.
I would recommend you the 30 mbps download you have plenty download speed and price is very competitive
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