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Travelling abroad?

I am travelling to Cuba later this year. Thinking of getting travel add-on and / or adding funds to my wallet. According to Fizz customer service, travel add-on is consumed first then funds in your wallet. So (1) Travel Add-On then (2) pay as you go. Has anyone experienced this and can confirm this?

I also learned that receiving texts are always free regardless of where you are. However, since most people I know have an iPhone, how can I receive my iMessages as SMS during that travel?




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There is a lot of bugs with wallet function (especially in roaming). Don't use it.
You should use add-on instead.
It's not true that you can receive text anywhere. You can only receive text when you're in your coverage plan ( example if you have Quebec coverage you can only receive text when you're in Quebec ) or when you have travel add on for that particular location.

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Fizz's exact answer to first question was: Basically, the first has to be used the Add-on, as we are still in the stabilization period, I can't promise you anything. :))

I did find the answer to my second question though. If you go to Settings -> Messages, then slide iMessage to OFF, you will receive iMessages as SMS.

I've traveled to Belize without any travel add on, Peru with a data add-on, and US with a voice and data add-on. I can confirm that you can receive SMS for free regardless of your coverage and travel add ons.

Your own answer to iMessages look s right since you will not be registered for iMessages and treated like us non-iPhone users.

I can't confirm the use of wallet funds as I didn't have a need for the other services and I would have just purchased another data block.

Have fun in Cuba :-)