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SMS issues?

SMS has been horrible since the past few days. From not receiving messages at all to receiving messages in broken order.

Sunday a colleague messaged me and I never got it. Monday and Tuesday I was getting last messages first and the first messages later.

When will sms finally be fixed? It’s a rudimentary function for phones.



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The major maintenance is supposed to be completed on July 31st.
However Fizz is still in stabilization period ( ).
So anything can happen during this period.

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You need to contact support as this is not normal behaviour. One thing to try before contacting support is toggling airplane mode or rebooting your phone to see if it resolves your issue.

I just joined. I'm able to send SMS to my wife, who is on Fizz, but neither MMS nor SMS work when sending to other carriers. I also cannot receive from other carriers.

Not super impressed so far.