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Charged for free voicemail?

Ever since I got to level 3 and applied the Free Voicemail option, I am still being charged for the voicemail. Every time that happens, I send a message to Fizz via Facebook messenger and they open a ticket to reimburse me, which they do. However, this time, I had this delightful message:
According to our specialized team, they have addressed the voicemail charge concern so you shouldn't experience this debacle in the future. Thank you for your patience with us and have a fabulous day!
Has anybody else experienced that this issue is fixed for good?



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@RedHead, Thanks for the update, I've been experiencing the same thing for the last 2 months, hopefully its finally resolved.

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A ticket that I opened when I first got charged for my "free" voicemail (December 2018) was closed recently with a message saying:



Also our tech team notified us that this unpleasant situation will be fixed soon.


Maybe they really did fix it and they have all been trained to say that.

I got to level 3 last month, and on my next invoire voicemail was free. I'm always surprized to see that it works for some customers, and not for others.
What can be so different in our accounts that will change the behaviour of that process ?