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Why does the modem hide system logs from cusadmin?

I've been battling an internet disconnection which seems to be happening every day at exactly 11:40am. For a month now, in fact. Techsupport is utterly useless and the modem itself shows no useful information.

The even more interesting part is that today, during the outage, I logged into the modem, and something in the web UI glitched, because I suddenly saw a new tab, all about DOCSIS, including the logs. Loads of critical errors were shown. A minute later the interface reset itself and I lost access to those logs, but now I know they are there.

So why the hell are they being hidden? What would be the harm in a user seeing logs and being able to submit them to support for faster problem resolution?



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You ask a valid question. Here is a copy of the manual for the Hitron coda-4x8x modem.

Since we are using the Fizz version of the Hitron coda-4680, we are given the customized GUI as determined/established by Fizz. Some of the "hidden" information would be helpful.


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Btw does your disconnection happen with wired and wifi or wifi only?

What happens if you reset your modem earlier in the day before 11:40am? Does it still disconnect at 11:40am?