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Can I have a second SIM without a monthly fee?

I am thinking of moving to Fizz for a main mobile plan where I will need monthly data etc, but I would also like a second SIM that I can give to visitors from abroad or to have for emergency use. For this second SIM I would like not to have to pay a monthly fee but just keep money on the account as a sort of pay as you go option to keep the SIM active. Is this possible with Fizz? Thanks!

To avoid the monthly fee, you would need that second SIM to be unsubscribed. Even keeping the minimal plan (Quebec coverage, no calls, no text, no data) will run you $7.20/month ($10.00 after stabilization). I don't see any advantage of keeping the SIM active if it is for sporadic use. The SIMs can be reactivated (even after unsubscribing) so you won't have to purchase a new SIM every time you want to use the services.

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No, you cannot, however, you can unsubscribe and reactivate it later on. Therefore, you need to pay for at least a month, but you do not need to pay for another sim.

this is not possible no other company offer this possibility. what you can do is use app like Fongo where you can call for free using wifi and you can let your visitors use that as an option
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If i were you i would give add-ons a try. You could keep an add-on for international calls but for your local country if it's possible. I'm not sure if you can get add-ons without any plans..but you should give it a try :)