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Call drops and slow data speed?

On Friday, I was in Laval near 15/440, and during many calls, at 1 min 40 seconds, the call ended automatically. This happened many times while talking to different people.

Furthermore, the data speeds Im receiving in some parts of Laval is only 6 mbps even though the coverage showed LTE. 6 mbps is less than 3G (10 Mbps). I contacted fizz and was told by their technical team that I have the standard speeds for download/upload via email. These low speeds were experienced this month, and last month. I couldn't even google search on chrome.

Its very. frustrating.
Has anyone else had this experience?

We are still in Fizz mobile stabilization period. So some issues are to be expected.


Have you tried changing to 3G only (disable LTE) for now? And see if you get better signal.


Your speeds may improve and less dropped calls.

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I had problems with data in Cornwall Ontario where it used to work fine but the last few times there in no data at all

If you obtain decent speed elsewhere than in Laval, then Fizz network there is weak.
As for call cutting - there was a major issue last week. Maybe phone restart will help.