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It's so frustrating !!! When Fizz can fix my data upgrade perk problem?

As one of the early Fizz mobile beta testers, I'm really disappointed on Fizz now. I tried to use the data addon since 2 months ago, but never be able to use it.

Fizz keep saying "working on it" and they never make it work.

I'm tired to deal with Fizz support now. I'm not sure if all their support are a robot or not, most replies I received are useless and nobody can fix it after 2 months.

See my latest usage screenshot. Never fixed yet.

Hello Anne ,

I see on your account that you are in touch with our Customer support. A ticket has been raised towards our technical team regarding this issue in order to be corrected.
Once a resolution will be provided, we will notify you via e-mail immediatly. Thanks for patience and understanding!

Have a nice day! :)

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Fizz is far from being perfect, but they have potential. I don't think there is another provider in Quebec who gives perks and bonuses. I understand your frustration though.