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Anybody using their own router with the modem and find it helps wifi speed?

Anybody using their own router with the modem and find it helps wifi speed?
If so which router spec?



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I have noticed their WIFI being very spotty and it can't consistently hold speeds. I use 3 different routers, 4 switches, and 2 access points. From what I notice with FIZZ modem is that, in terms of wireless it doesn't hold a stable steady connection speed.

The best access point/router I have in terms of range and speed would be the Asus AC68U, but if you get anything over AC1900 from Asus or any other brand, you will be quite content.

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In my case yes, I use my own router (Linksys WRT 1900ac) and get better results than the Fizz modem on both bands (2.4ghz and 5ghz). I think the external antennas on my router helps a lot in my situation.
The one thing you should try if you don't want to get another router is to disable Band steering (in the Wi Fi 5G settings and ATF for both bands and make sure you use 5ghz when possible. On 2.4ghz you can hardly get more than 35mbps on most devices. Some can reach 65mbps if they support dual streams and are really close to the router. 5ghz can easily reach 1gbps with most newer devices in the same room.

If you are unable to get the expected wi-fi speeds using the Fizz modem, then using your own router will defintely help.


The Fizz modem router has some shortcomings which can affect usage in wifi congestion areas.

Until this is addressed, any brand name router (Asus, Netgear, D-Link, Linksys) should do the trick.