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Calling with vox prepaid card

I have a mobile plan where I have calls within Canada. I would like to make a call from BC to India using vox prepaid card. Is this allowed and will it work.
Do I have to pay any fizz extra charges.



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The only problem is that you cannot be outside your coverage area for more than 3 months.
If you are in vacation in BC you can do it, if you are going to call a Canadian number and enter you card number and your Indian number

since you have canada coverage and as long as you are calling a Canadian phone number, you should have no problem. I believe your vox prepaid card should have a local number to call in BC.

If it isn't covered by your plan, it won't work unless there is money in your fizz wallet. You don't have to worry about extra charges on your next bill with Fizz.

Exactly. But my point was that there's no risk of surprise extra charges with Fizz. At most, you can lose money in your wallet if you do something not included in your plan.