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Can I use my own modem and not have to wait for the tech. person to bring me the one from fizz to start using internet?

I have my own wifi modem/ black box. Do I need to wait for the technician to come and bring me the one fizz provides or can I just connect my own and use fizz internet throught it?



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When you recieve your fizz modem this is the time the technician connect you to the service
even if you want to use your own modem you will still need to wait for the technician to come but the way Fizz works is that the system is specific to thier modem so you cannot use an other modem

@Mike He won't be able to clone his MAC address to the Fizz modem one if he didn't received it yet!
What you are suggesting involves hardware hacking and is not easy to do. No modem is able to change its MAC Address by default. This is not as easy as doing it on a router to get a new IP behind the modem.
I might end up trying to do it if Fizz is still not resolving my regular modem outage though. (Yes their modem is very bad) Here's an article from some guy that successfully did it: