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price after Stabilization ?

Over here :
There is a mobile plan at 20.70$ down from 24$ due to the stabilization period.
I click on the link just under those prices : customize this plan
Without changing any options, the price bottom left is still 20.70 $
But now the other price is 28 $

My question : after the stabilization period, will this plan revert to 24$ or 28$ ??
Note that I am note currently with Fizz mobile.



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We do not know the price after the stabilisation. However, during the stabilisation period we got ~30% discount.

But you can consider the 28$ for now to be safe.

Keep into consideration that the residential internet they lower the price a month ago.

If you need a reference code in order to have 25$ at your 3rd invoice, this is mine


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I got 10% discount during stabilization period. When it is over, we should go back to the same prices that we were paying before it started. I had a launch price, but for new customers the prices will be different from launch prices. You better confirm with support if you want to know exactly and then share it with the community here.

Therewas a discount form the lauch + the stabilisation that is ~30%, however, if you do after the 11 of april, you will get a full price, which is not published yet

@Mike: ok I don't consider the discount of the launch price since I was paying it before the stabilization period. Anyways we don't know exactly what will be the price for the new customers so it's better to confirm.