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Modem unresponsive

I just signed up for home internet less than 48 hours ago; the tech guy left everything in order but this morning the modem is not responding at all; what do I have to do for a modem replacement or schedule a tech appointment?



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Try to reset at first


Restart your Wi-Fi modem
  1. Unplug the power cable on your Wi-Fi modem.
  2. Make sure all the lights on the modem are off once you have unplugged it.
  3. Wait ten (10) seconds.
  4. Plug your modem back into the electrical outlet. Expect a three (3) minute delay to allow your devices to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.



  1. Restore your Wi-Fi modem to its factory settings

    IMPORTANT: This will reset any changes that have been made to your Wi-Fi modem settings to date. You may also need to reconfigure your devices’ Wi-Fi settings (network name, password, etc.).


    Using a small, sharp object, press the modem’s reset button for 10 seconds.

    Once your modem has restarted, follow the same instructions you used when you initially installed it.


    Reminder: The default username (Default Wi-Fi network) and password (Default key) for your Wi-Fi network are written on a sticker on the back of your Wi-Fi modem.

If possible, connect another device to your Wi-Fi modem

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Morning iulian,

Could you try unplugging the power and then plugging it back in
It should reset it and take about 5 minutes to come back
I'm sure it will work after.

Good Luck