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Data not detected even if paid for and phone calls working

I have activated my SIM card and created a 4 GB data plan with unlimited phone calls in Quebec.

I can place and receive calls, but my phone does not detect data connection.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and I had data with my previous provider.

Also, I received this email claiming my activation process is not completed yet. When I clic the link and enter

activation number, it replies that this number has already been attributed to another member.

Can this have a link with my data naccess problem ?

It sems my activation is stuck in limbo and it prevents my data to work... ?



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The problem with that data is the APN you need have configured
here the link
try this
My plans → Manage plan → Advanced parameters → Fizz network parameters → Resend me the notifications
And wait 5 min
you should receive two messages
accept them and reboot your phone

For the other email do not worry about that, the system think that you need to finish your activation probably you simulate an other plan, to check the price, happen to me too.

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