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where is my modem?

two days passed the day on the contract . But no one nor a message appear . I want to know how long it takes to get my modem



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here is a rough summary of the steps you need to do:
1- you need to subscribe to fizz internet service (which I guess you already did)
2- you need to schedule an appointment with the technician to check that the cable is ok in your house and, if you choose the "premium" instannation, install the modem, if not he will just leave it to you to connect on your own.
3- wait for an hour or two for the signal to be fully functional
4- enjoy your home internet

I hope that helps.

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Once you make the order, they will make an appointment and a tech will come with the modem...even if you self install..the tech still checks the cable quality.

Others have posted correct info. You will get the modem at the time of installation.


On day of instllation, make sure you get the correct modem password from the techincian. It may be a default one or it may be written on the label attached to the modem.


For Home Internet, the first payment is taken when you subscribe (sort of like a deposit). And the second payment will be taken 1 month after the installation date.


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