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How does community hub objective work?

Hi guys, Full disclosure: I'my aiming to reach level 5 asap. For that, I'm looking into ways to get points quickly.  Gaining badges is one of these ways (see my other post about the bugged dinosaur badge issue) but the community hub has more opportunities.


Here is what I understood so far:

Giving kudos gives you 1point for each given (max 20 points per day)

Receiving kudos gives you 5 points (unlimited)

Posting a reply gives you 3 points (unlimited in threads that you did not started, you only get points in your original post)

Being selected a the best response gives you 50 points (can changing the best response give 50 points to another user also?)

Being ranked 1st on your daily/weekly/monthly community hub points also gives you points (10/50/100)

Being active in the community during the month gives you 50 points

Gaining a community hub badge gives you 50 points HOWEVER....


I don't get at all how the community badges / objectives work. You can be weeks or even months without any badge unlocking, then all of a sudden you get like 5 or 6 unlocked together. (I noticed that user Zack had this happened to him today)


Does anyone have a clue how to "trigger" the badges/objectives? It seems totaly random and the progress bar is not moving based on the response count, not questions asked. Is it linked to best answers?

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Here is what I mean about some users seeing a massive "boost" in points. He got 6 badges in a single time (6 x 50 = 300 points) then he received, all at the same time, a truckload of kudos at 5 points each. As of right now, he collected 601 points and it's not even noon.



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