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Fizz Internet has rewards now?

I logged in this morning and noticed i have two 1$ rewards for Fizz Internet for Level 3. Does anyone else have the same thing? I have 3 internet lines(1x60, and 2x 120), and it appears that the rewards are only for the 120 meg service. Any info on this or official word on Fizz internet rewards?

They give them it every users. They don’t make a difference between mobile only and internet users. See it that way: it’s easier for thrm and if you ever choose to subscribe to their internet service, yo will already have the rebates. I’m guessing it’s a good incentive for mobile customers that are hesitant to also subscribe to their internet service.

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Hi Mike, Can you paste a screenshot of it??? That makes no sense, I have a mobile plan as well, and don't have that in the mobile section. What level are you on BTW?



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269 / 750

I have it too, but can't use it in Ottawa.