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Dinosaur badge (hatching), missing?

Hi guys, I've read in every available threads on reddit and here about the badges. It seems that the hatching dinosaur badge should be given when you reach 1 month with fizz. However it's been about six months in my case and that badge is still locked. Did they change the required amount of time to obtain it? When did you guys unlock it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dominic, LOL I just noticed I don't have this badge either. Looks like it might be glitched.


No worries. As far as I know, there's no advantage of obtaining (or disadvantage of missing) these badges.

I'd rather have reliable services   =)

Well since I'm aiming for level 5 asap, I want to collect as many points as possible, including the ones awarded when you obtain badges. So if a badge is bugged, I would like to see it fixed. I was just checking if the issue was limited to myself or if it is widespread...

I've been with Fizz since October and don't have the first dinosaur badge. I think their badge system, like many of their other systems, is somewhat buggy.

Just chatted with support. It's a bug on their side and the badge should have been awarded after a month.


I also asked, given my time spent with fizz, if there should have been a second or third dinosaur badge unlocked. The support representative wasn't sure and he placed a request for information for more details.


(I just wanted to make sure that I don't have to bug them twice about unlocking other badges)


It also serves the purpose to inquire about the time it takes to have the 2nd and 3rd dinosaur badges...

I am also starting to wonder if the forum badges are not bugged... At first I saw a rapid increase in intermediate levels related to them (1/5, 2/5, etc.) but it hasn't moved for a few months now...


I have created a ticket towards our technical team so they can investigate and fix the badge situation as quickly as possible. Once we have a response from them we will notify you by e-mail.

Have a good day!


Thanks WHIZZ, but I'd much rather be able to see all of my transaction history than another badge. The past 4 months are currently missing. For June, I didn't even get a text to say that my plan had been renewed, so it seems to be more than just a display problem. I've been waiting since May 22 for this to be fixed.

@Dominic, yes, there's a problem with the forum levels too. You stay the same level for weeks or months, then one day you log in to the forum and go up 5 or more levels all at once. I just think Fizz has bigger problems to fix at this point.

Well, nice try I guess? I got an email with a ticket number with a message that the perk is now active, then another email that the ticket is closed. What perk? I didn't ask for any perk. I also didn't ask for a dinosaur badge, but I was told a ticket had been created for it in this thread. If that's the ticket, then they're wrong, there is no dinosaur badge in my account. lol

@ALLISON: same here, I just received the 1st (hatching - 1 month) and 2nd (skateboarding - 6 months) dinosaur badges.

Edit: It doesn't seem like I got the points though...

+1. Mayme when they will fix it, they will go on reviewing the accounts automatically...
Even for points, i don't think it's working properly. But who knows, we don't really have the charts of how the points are rewarded.

Why wait if you can have those badges unlocked right away? You just need to contact the support to open a ticket for you. They will fix it within a few days.
Each badge gives you 100 points, so why not have them if you deserve them?