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Amount of Time to get to Level 5

For Regular people who have a mobile an internet plan. How long has it taken you to get to Level 5 Rewards???
I’d like to just have an idea, because I like to save money :)
Thanks for the answers

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It's difficult to say since Fizz is constantly altering their points system. It took a few months for me, but that was when it was easier to get point.

You may not like my answer but it's getting harder every day.With a couple of good answer and a lot of kudos a regular person can get arround 1000 points per month.You need 15000 to get to level 5.

Hi Simon, The more you participate in the discussion, the faster you will get points! When I started I could never have thought to arrive at level 3 in less then a month. But at some point, the points "tumbles" at a crazy pace ... The received Kudoos gives 5 points so the participation in the discussions is really important !
The oldest Fizzicians will tell you to write only "perfect" answers because to reach level 9 at 150,000 points is difficult and they need "best answers" at 50 points to reach it's high levels. For young Fizziciens like us who want to reach level 3, the Kudoos received at 5 points are efficient enough to reach the firmament (2 bonus per month for a super total of 750 MB per month Rock on Fizz!) To get to level 5 from level 3 Will be hard... But keep in mind that you dont want to get to level 5 too fast. You Will have acces to 5 bonus but Will be able to use only 3 of Them. Son you Will loss them after 2 years. What I plan is to get to level 4 when my first 2 years Will pass.