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Is there a way to get the internet on a newly constructed building?

So I'm moving at the end of the month to a newly built condo building. And I cannot find the address in the system.
Had a chat with customer support, saying that there is no way.

But I can do that with any other ISP, just not Fizz. Does anybody have any experience with this?




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If Videotron and other ISP using cable will be available at your new condo, then in theory Fizz should be avaialble too. Maybe their system just hasn't been updated yet.


I would contact Fizz support and ask for more information. Provide as much info as possible (List of other ISPs, construction completion date, etc). They may be able to escalate your issue to someone who can help.

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Does Videotron show internet availability at your condo address? Fizz uses the same network as Videotron and in theory should be available everywhere Videotron is available but that's not always the case.


A coworker of mine has Videotron at his house, but the Fizz address checker says its not available to him. Either its a bug or there's something on the back end we don't know that prevents Fizz from working.