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Not able to receive text msgs?

It's been three days now I am not able to receive any text msgs. I have a small business and it's been very difficult to have to deal with this matter. I've tried everything and nothing has worked for me. Please help! s.o.s



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You should contact the support, however I do not know if they will open at 8 or 10 today

Go to this page, if you are not connect login

Wait 15 seconds for the bubble icon to appear at the bottom right of the browser and click on the icon to chat with support. Try a different browser if you have issues getting the bubble to appear.

Your can also send a message via facebook messanger and click send a message (this is a bit slower)

You can also fill a contact form from your account
Once logged in, from the account panel go to My Profile -> Contact Form (the subject are limited) and fill out the form and someone will email you back.



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Same, I can send them but I am not receiving any texts.

If you are not able to receive regular SMS text messages, then you will need to contact Fizz support Today is holiday hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST).

Note that you need to have DATA enabled on your phone to receive

- MMS messages

- iMessages if you are using this feature with iPhone.

For short code 2FA messages, there is on-going issue during the stabilization period

@catalina. Please note that Fizz is for personal use only. From the terms of your agreement...

"You must use the services and content for your own personal purposes only and not for commercial purposes or in the operation of a business."

That being said, if you require a reliable service, Fizz is not there yet. There are other options available.

Hi Catalina,

In order to be able to help you further, I'm kindly asking you to contact us in private by chat or Facebook messenger. You can find the info for reaching us on the following link:

You can also check our faq link regarding text messages:

Have a great day!