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Can I receive SMS short codes from Bank of America for 2FA?

title. I'm not from the US and I need such a service where I could receive short code SMS for 2FA from The Bank of America, as many virtual numbers are unable to do so.

Please let me know thanks.



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Chances are we cannot rely on Fizz for SMS short codes during the stabilization period.

A few known issues currently being worked on:
  • Text messages (SMS) sent by certain companies, such as Microsoft and Google to name a few, are not received.


The good news is with Bank of America, you have the choice of customize email, text and mobile app alerts.

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My bank and PayPal works excellent, no idea if Bank of America works. I'm pretty sure Fizz numbers are not virtual, they are with a sim card. Do you always have the option to try it?

As explained on the following link, you can ask for a SafePass card with BofA for a one-time fee of $19,99 instead of SMS, that is a not-so-perfect solution in my opinion considering the SIM swap possibility with SMS 2FA:

Most company now offers 2FA alternatives instead of SMS. I can mention codes generated by an authenticator app, push-to-phone authentication and other alternatives.

Hi Yoav, according to this website :

You can either use SMS or Email, you should be fine one way or the other , But sometimes there is some SMS 2FA not working with Fizz for the moment, it is being investigated by them and should be fix in the future.