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Image texts took +5 hours to go through, Fizz's solution was to drop me to 3G?

I have an LGV20. Image texts took +5 hours to send so I put in a suport ticket. The email said to change my mobile network settings to "3G only or WCDMA or 2G/3G". I changed it to WCDMA and my image texts go through fine now.

However, I am concerned that I now have slower mobile data. I messaged their support and they advice was basically that theres not much difference between 3G and 4G, which is simply not true when it comes to mobile data. Support didnt answer my questions so I put it out to the community. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else concerned that Fizz's stance is to tell users to get used to 3G? I get that Fizz is going through a period of fixing the network but if I was a clueless user, I would not question their advice and get 'stuck' on 3G when they finally get the bugs worked out of their 4G.



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I hear you. However Fizz did notify us that this might happen.


What can I expect during the stabilization period? 

Expect a few technical hiccups. Other outages are also a possibility.

Examples of potential technical issues:
  • Interrupted connection for unknown periods of time. 
  • Intermittent or slow service.
  • A few missed texts or dropped calls.
  • Connection to the 3G/4G/HSPA+ network rather than the LTE network.


Fizz has mentioned that they need to replace certain equipment and seem to be having stability issues with certain devices. I am keeping a positive outlook for the improvements after the stabilization period.

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I'm not a guru but I'm afraid that your LTE upload is not working which is really bad because ,at this point, Fizz isn't able to solve.One of my friends SIM has the same issue and a resolution is still pending. Meanwhile he is stuck with 3G.