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Since the start of the stabilization period on April 12, has anyone successfully received their referral credit?

I referred someone in late March and received the PENDING notification. I know she is still an active subscriber.

I thought the referral would be confirmed upon her second monthly payment done in late April.
However it's looking like it will be confirmed in late May?
Has anyone received referral confirmation during the stabilization period?

I received the confirmation by email saying that

Good news! XXXXXXXXX is now officially a Fizz member all thanks to you!

Now that their second monthly payment is done, you will each receive a $25 referral bonus¹.

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If you don't receive your referral bonus after the second payment and it still appears as pending, write a complaint to customer service.
I did that in a similar case and they solved very quickly.

From the website.

"We decided to suspend the referral program for our mobile services during the stabilization period. We will honour, however, the requests already received. The referral program continues to be available for our Home Internet service."



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I'm also waiting for the 25$ referral discount. Hope there's no issue.

@Thomas : In fact, the referal program is still in operation but only for the internet. They stopped it for a moment on the mobile side because they are under stabilization actually and I'm pretty sure they'll bring it back sooner than later.