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Never got my 25$ referral bonus

Just asking how I get my bonus?please
It’s fizz big promotion 25$ referral!!!!
Would b good that they give it
Or Eske false publicity no?



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Hi Antonio,

There is no fake publicity. The only question is that during our stabilization prices the referral program is paused. Here you can find the information: .

Have a good one!

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Other answers

The referral reward program is legit, but it has been suspended for the duration of the stabilization period.


When did you friend sign-up or activate? If it was before April 12th, the referral credit should be earned after your friend has paid their second monthly fee.


If your friend has unsubscribed before then, the credit will remain as pending on your account list.

If your friend experienced payment issue or their service became suspended, this may affect the referral reward as well.