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The site says that on day 1 of my new cycle I consumed 2Gb, is it normal?

The 2Gb may have come from the fact that I was given 2Gb (which I fully used) in my first cycle ...


What do you think? Any of you have had this kind of problem?

Yup, system is quite buggy lately for the data usage. I'd rely more on what my phone says rather then what the dashboard says for the time being. It could also be that it just hasn't updated from the last month's usage.

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I think you got it right.There must be a bug(another one) in their system.It should disappear in a day or two.I remember having something similar last month but you should also check your phone usage just to be sure.

What's important is your remaining data counter. If this is correct, I wouldn't be concerned too much with the usage.


The already used data display doesn't seem to always accurate.

Sometimes, Fizz will lump all the previous data usage onto 1 day. Also when you gift data to others, it will show up as used data.