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how to add video call on viber for android ?

i have an Asus android 8. i do have data plan enable. i setup the APN following online guide
mms is ok
however, i cannot make any video call using my viber app. i can only sent messages : no video call
i can surf the web via my data plan hassle free.
what did i miss ?

Hey KingTheod,

Have you tried using other video apps on your device? do they work? Have you tried uninstalling the Viber app and reinstalling the viber app? Let us know....


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yes, i m using another video app and it works just fine (Wicker Me)
with vibe video, i get an message : No service, there seems to be a problem connecting to viber's service..please check your connection and try again"

will try to uninstall and uninstall viber and let you know