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60 minute add on - Is it only available for locallly made calls ?

Purchased 60 minute add on and tried calling out of province. (I live on the border) 1 km away.
Said my account does not cover these calls... Is it only for local calls ?

The 60 minutes add on follows your coverage zone. If you only have Quebec coverage, it covers all outgoing calls in the province of Quebec and all incoming calls while you are in Quebec. I'm inferring that you have Quebec calling since you say you are trying to call out of province.

You would need a International calls add-on to cover those calls or money in your wallet. I am assuming you would need the Canada call add-on which costs $6.00 for 60 minutes or $0.30/minute on a pay as you go plan.

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Your plan needs to be active for the coverage zone into which you are trying to call. Fizz has the following coverage zones: Quebec (incl. Ottawa), Canada, Canada/USA. Your add-on will work for whichever zone your plan currently covers.

There is something i don t understand.

Why would Kenneth buy a 60 minutes add on that apply to a plan that he has already. If he has quebec coverage he has no choice to take unlimited or nothing when chosing his minutes plan.

What i mean is that if Keneth buy an add on for sure he is doing it for something he doesn t have.

Just my thought.

Hello Kenneth

In order to be able to help you, please contact us via Facebook Messenger or Live Chat. On the following link you will find information regarding how you can do that: .

Thank you very much for your understanding.
Have a good one!