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I can't receive ANY automated texts from REVENU QUEBEC, or GOOGLE etc.

This is absolutely unacceptable. The fact that I can't receive any important codes to access my information because of a **** service like Fizz. What am I paying for? I am seriously thinking of cancelling and switching to a different company. I honestly don't care to pay more... as long as I HAVE service.

is it listed on the website that the network has known issues and 2FA texts are on the lists of known issues currently being worked on during the stabilization period. Most companies with 2FA will allow you to recceive a phone call with the code if you don't receive the text and this is currently the only work around until they fix the issues. If this is not sufficient then you can sunsubscribe and go somewhere else, there is a reasson why the prices are low.

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i cannot receive any sms from my Bank but voicemail text is Ok.
first time 2FA code doesnt work....hopefully voicemail is fine. Google 2FA works fine.
note : as a backup and extra security, you should install Google Authenticator App to generate codes for you email, so you can access your email even though you dont have any wireless service.
you can use it for different providers (Amazon, Gmail, online Tax service etc..)



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They aren't low any more.
Prices are on par with other providers where everything is working :)

This has been an issue with Fizz since the beginning and it is not a surprise:

A few known issues currently being worked on: Text messages (SMS) sent by certain companies, such as Microsoft and Google to name a few, are not received. Certain devices connected to a Wi-Fi network are not able to send or receive multimedia messages (MMS). Some services do not work optimally when roaming internationally (outside the U.S.A., varies according to the destination).