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5G for Fizz?

Last week Videotron win at the auction of 600mhz 5G band! I wounder if there going to share it with Fizz network!

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Since Fizz is considered a low cost, probably is not going to implement it. Considering that is not for business and the mobile phone with 5G is almost 200$ more expensive.

Probably not for the moment. There are 1 or 2 phones that support it for the moment. Videotron will probably test it before and when it will be affordable maybe Fizz will gets some plan that include 5G. For the moment I don't expect it soon.

Considering all the problems they have to maintain the LTE and all the other options working properly i don t think that they think of it.
As @Mike stated it is a low cost cie

I wouldn't be too concerned about this as of yet. 5G is amazing in theory but in practice it's a different story. There are currently limitations to 5G which include very short range for the radio waves in comparison to our current tech now.

So even when companies are early adopters and implement it, it doesn't mean that the Canadian market will be fully 5G and stable for that matter.

The big four companies right now like Bell, charge so much (of course because of greed but...) because Canadian geography and weather makes it so bloody expensive to establish good towers and coverage. When you invest in a boatload of towers to cover literally the entire country, you charge a premium.

Until such a time, that tech comes out to revolutionize this, we won't see this on Fizz.

Fizz has some infrastructure that's probably their own, but they often rent towers or certain frequency bands owned by the big boys. So it's a lot of corporate governance/politics at the moment.

Best thing is, voicing your feedback to Fizz and getting others to do so constantly will eventually push them into considering it!

Even if Fizz is a low cost provider , they manage to be the same thing than the others.
The problems they have at the moment is just some aggregation issues and some adjustments...i think! And it's due to a new provider in the market. For that we are in stabilisation period and after the stabilisation period it's going to be the same as other providers. And for 5G , if Fizz use Videotron's bands (even other providers band sometime) as well of LTE-A , i think that Fizz going tu use the new 600mhz 5G because it belong to Videotron not Rogers. For sure it's going to cost more $ and new phone's but it's the same thing with other providers!
My thoughts!