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ipsec and l2tp is not working on FIZZ.

I am unable to use IPSEC and L2TP VPN to connect home. I have ran packet tracer and can't see the connection to my firewall. There is supposed to be a VPN passthrough option in the modem which is missing from the FIZZ modem.

Anyone else having issues connecting to IPSEC/L2TP?

When you talked about VLAN I thought that was a misuse as for the firewall. Are the 2 VPN servers or the clients. If they are the server probably you can try to use not standard ports with the port forward. But I am stopping since if you know the VLAN and how to segment a network, probably you understand very well how to make a work around. But you are looking for the easy way using your hardware.

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These options does not exist on mine either

I did, about two weeks ago. They asked me three times what exactly I am trying to achieve, and they have escalated it to their network engineers and so far no response since 2 weeks.

Ok, then I am not the only one waiting for an answer :D I have a problem with my profile and I cannot use some functions.
I know that you will not like this, but can you change the router and use that one as modem?

The only problem with that is that I am currently using two different firewall/VPN gateways, and they're both connected to the Fizz modem. If I put it in bridge mode, the Fizz modem won't hand off two public IPs.

I'd have to resort to a re-architecture, and spin off a segregated VLAN for the other Gateway.

Sami why your are talking of two public IP? If you put the router in bridge mode your public IP will be taken care of your router, and the Nat/route of this router. If the VPN is in this router after that is the route that it will take care of everything

Hi Mike,

Sure that would work for one of my VPN/FIREWALL gateways. I have two VPN/Firewall gateways both have their own vlans and routes, and those routes are shared amongst both gateways, so if I was to plug one gateway into another, it would hit a routing loop unless I created a special VLAN and segregated the wan for the second gateway to it's own subnet.

I hope I was able to explain what I am trying to accomplish.