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How do i download monthly invoice with name, address and details including tax?

Current transaction history is not a real bill. if i am paying tax i want to also see GSt and QSt numbers.

The bill contains your phone number, at least for the cell phone side. Why do you need it to have your home address? Remember, Fizz explicity states that their service is not for businesses.

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The GST and QST numbers are on the full transaction record available to the right of the transaction history list. There is an arrow to click on and it brings up the full billing record, including tax numbers and address of the company's office.



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It's on the main page under My Plans > Transaction History.

I see that but it does not show my address, just the company address, is there a page that shows both my address, the bill amount and the bill details along with the gst/qst number?

Unfortunately I have not been able to find this as well. It seems to me that there is quite literally no form that contains the address & phone number which you are being billed to.

You can download the service agreement and the invoice, in the service agreement you have the address with your customer #, and in the invoice you have your customer #