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Why I can't put my code reference, when i buy the sim card.?, i have one, but the box was desactivated..

Excuse me, about 10 minutes, I buy the sim card, I paid and when I decided to put my code reference, the box was desactivated, would you insert this please..

Thank you



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As announced by Fizz here


This is the FAQ they give:

Does the referral program work during the stabilization period?

We decided to suspend the referral program for our mobile services during the stabilization period. We will honour, however, the requests already received. The referral program continues to be available for our Home Internet service.


How long will the stabilization period last?

The stabilization period will last at least until the month of July 2019, and will only end once the mobile network has been stabilized, and tested over the course of several weeks.

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