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Why do I not have any internet upgrades?

I have no available upgrades for internet, yet my spouse has a $2 upgrade and 2x $1 upgrades (level 5). I'm also at level 5 and I'm the one that actually has the internet plan on my account...

Hello AlexB

I am sorry for the displeasing situation you have been placed in. I have re-opened the ticket and asked them to check further into the matter and do it in the proper way.

Have a great day!


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Probably they give only if you do not have internet?
SInce I have them, but I do not have internet

You need to talk to Fizz, as a lot of people got the levels quite fast, I have $1 upgrade and I am in level 3 you should have at least the same upgrades at your spouse

Might have better luck with interactive chat. Let us know if you get a reply.


How to contact Fizz support:
Open this page during business hours:
and wait for the chat bubble (at bottom right)

Well as I expected I got an absolutely moronic answer from Fizz support. They closed my ticket today and said that the specialized team has determined that I do in fact have the level 5 300 MB upgrade, which is not at all what my ticket was about.

Don't bother, I'm cancelling my Fizz internet. My recent experiences with support and my emails being ignored have made it obvious that Fizz is not interested in my money.

This is going to sound insane.

Two weeks ago, I too didn't have any internet upgrades, but after logging off Fizz account, it seems to have reset the account. When I relogged a few days later, I saw 2x $1 upgrades and 1x $2 upgrade. So I applied all 3, not expecting to see any more internet upgrades.

Guess what? Today, I logon and see my upgrades have increased by 1... I got another $2 internet upgrade. WTH what gives?

Yeah, looks like they added the $2 upgrade to my account. Too little too late and missing 3 other upgrades still. I cancelled my service today.



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Please close thus