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As mentioned the Mission is to level up ranks by helping others and responding to questions. Just keep replying with useful replies to questions you see without best answers selected and you will level up fairly quickly.

However it seems that the levels stop at 1/5 Geek as I have seen users with 30k+ points all at 1/5 geek, so I would assume that for now that is the maximum level you can achieve but you get 50 points for every apprentice level you complete, so it's worth it to try and help others.

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Weird. I don't see that anywhere, even if I look at the mobile version of the site. At any rate, I think Fizz originally had different things planned for the forum and not all ended up being implemented.



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5000 / 5000

Your mission is to level up. So the ranking is how well you are progressing.

Whether it's being maintained is another story.