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Is the Voicemail Upgrade permanent?

Some say it'll last only 2 years while some others claim it'll last forever...


Well, which one is it?



    Upgrades: Each time you reach a new Level, you unlock a new Upgrade — a unique and permanent privilege — for example, unlimited calling, additional Data. Every Upgrade is valid for two years starting from the date you receive it, whether you apply it to your plan or not.

    If you don’t fully use your upgrade within a payment cycle, it’ll get rolled over to the next month. For example, say you received 200 MB of additional data but only used 50 MB during a payment cycle, the remaining 150 MB will be rolled over to the next month.


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They have funny way to explain things

I'm pretty sure in 2 years you are going to want to use another and better bonus that Fizz will give us! Or they might give you the same bonus in 2 years.

All upgrades are listed as being valid for 24 months from activation. What will happen in 2 years time? no one knows, they may extend the upgrades or they may make you gain more points to renew them, this is all just a guess. But as it stands today, expect to have a minimum of 24 months for any of the upgrades earned from rewards points.