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No mobile service since midnight April 17th?

While on the phone last night, on my mobile, the system says: "Votre forfait actuel ne permets pas d'effectuer cet appel, connecter vous à votre compte afin de régler la situation" Ça devient en quelque sorte aberrant, je ne réussit jamais à rejoindre quelqu'un pour régler mes problèmes. J'ai aussi des problèmes avec mon Internet à la maison. I feel i am left on my own without ANY way to contact you people. Your method is nothing less than very difficult to reach you. You keep saying to look for a bubble ate the bottom of my screen, WHEN i am in the help section. The bubble on my screen is "invisible" all the time. I know you are working very hard to provide a good service... Please someone, HELP! at least, HELP!

it can be difficult to reach someone and this is one of the reasons why they offer such low rates. I have had better success just sending in a contact form from your account and they will get back to you within 24 hours by email. You can try the other methods as well:

Please contact the support

Go on this page, if you are not connect login

Wait 15 seconds for the bubble icon to appear at the bottom right of the browser and click on the icon

Your can also send a message by facebook and click send a message (this is a bit slower)

You can also fill a contact form
From the panel My Profile -> Contact Form (the subject are limited)

Also do you have another device to test your SIM card? You can try to see if another device works properly, and then at least you know if it's an account issue or a device issues and can begin to troubleshoot from there.

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Hey thats strange you should just go to this page and wait for the bubble or worst comes to worst, they do respond on Facebook or twitter within a business day. So send them a detailed message facebook. That's what I've done before and got in contact with someone.

My problems is both mine and Fizz's; let me explain...

The credit card I had made available to Fizz to take payments as they came due, was pirated. My bank issued another one to replace it.

I had not had a chance to update the info before FIZZ's computers decided to pull the plug on me!

When I tried to modify my credit card info on my user page, FIZZ's computer had two problems.

1- They would not let me make a change, because I have both Internet and Cellular accounts with the same supplier; but they consider that sort of two clients.... I found out much later about the fatc that FIZZ need for you to change both areas of information to accept a new payment option.

2- When I did manage to understand what was happening, I succeeded in making the modifications required, only, FIZZ's computer will ONLY MAKE THE CHANGE the next time they update their network, that is at 00H00.


Well in my case, that ended uo in me being without cell phone service for 24 hours.


I feel strongly, that FIZZ should provide for themselves and their customers, a method like the one available with NETFLIX.

 I had the same problem with NETFLIX. my wife comes to me and says you did not pay the bill for NETFLIX? To that I answered give me a minute. Logged into my NETFLIX account, made the change, went to meet my wife at the TV, and when I got there everything was up and running again. VERY NICE. 


May I respecfully suggest to the programming teasm of FIZZ, that they seriously consider providing that sort of service. They get their fee immediately, and the customer is without his service for a SHORT period in time.


TO FIZZ, thank you for taking note, you like to have your fees, and we like to have our service. 

Those people who don't pay, don't get; you see, I have been a customer of both Videotron/FIZZ since 1974, and still am, so somewhere along the line I must be a goood paying customer.

So why penalize the good guys?


Thank you for taking notice



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