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Subscribed BEFORE April 12th, can I change my plan DURING the Stabilization Period?

I am just looking for confirmation as the wording in the Stabilization Period notice is sightly vague. It mentions that as long as I subscribed before April 12th (which I did) that I will keep the introductory pricing. But am I allowed to make any changes to my plan DURING the stabilization period and still retain Introductory pricing? I may want to add a bit more data before I am locked in, but don't want to risk losing my pricing for making changes AFTER April 12th.....



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According to Fizz we're keeping the introductory prices even if we're making changes during stabilisation period.Hopefully, there will be no surprises about this.

"Once the stabilization period is over, your plan will return to its launch (introductory) price. Please note, however, that if you change your plan after the stabilization period, regular prices will apply. You will be notified of the end of the stabilization period one month in advance."

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Fizz has told us that if you subscribe before April 12:

  • You will get to keep the Introductory pricing at the end of the stabilization period
  • If you make plan changes after the stabilization period has ended, regular prices will apply.

even though I am getting contradicting information, the consensus seems to be that you can makes changes. I'm still not 100% convince though and think I will just leave everything as is to ensure I don't mess things up.

Thanks anyways.