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Will changing the current phone number to a new one affect the intro price?

I need to change the phone number as I am getting too many unknown calls. Before I do so I wanted to make sure changing a number will not affect the intro pricing. Also does it take effect right away?



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You are a geek therefore i am supposing that you plan was activated before the 12. If this is true, you can also modify your plan without affecting the promotion.

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I don't think it will affect your intro price as your contract is associated with your sim card, but you should contact Fizz just to be sure.

Be aware that if you got referral, it might be associated with your phone number and you could loose them by changing your phone number.

Thanks all. I confirmed with support that nothing is tied to the actual phone number. I will not lose my referrals or points or levels. It will not affect the plan itself so the intro price will not change.

That's great to know that you can change the number without affecting the plan, in case there are issues with lots of sales calls having the option to change is good as long as we don't lose our rates

So I'm reading here that changing phone number wont affect beta price, but that price is attached to the sim card.... so how do you change the phone number on your sim card without affecting the plan price? :o