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10% outage discount got postponed?

My new billing cycle started today and I checked my credit card bill this morning realizing that the discount they promised was not reflected on my bill. So I contact the support, the response I got is that they postponed the rebate to my next billing cycle and compare to the initial email, the new email didn't mention that the discounted rate will last at least 3 months. So does the 3 months still apply?

I am just wondering if anybody encounters the same issue?

The original notice said AFTER April 12. So, April 13 and onwards in other words. Your first payment date after April 12 is, indeed, May 12. (Sorry, I lost out in the same way with my April 11 billing date.)

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Allison is right, in the email was specified, the payment after the 12.

Just want to point out that the stabilisation period might last longer than 3 months... I think I red something mentioning "until the system is stable"...

Let's hope we won't a bad surprise there :-)

This discount is applied to the first billing cycle AFTER April 12th, you should already see the new rate posted in your account website, and you should have also received an email with the details of the plan change. Mine updated on April 12th with the new rates as expected, but won't be billed that rate until next cycle.