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Monthly plan pricing

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So I just activated my SIM card on a 8GB canada wide unlimited talk & text monthly plan. On the stabilization period page, it states that this monthly plan is 39$/month. From what I agreed though, it's showing me 40$. And on top of that, considering that we're the 11th, per stabilization period pricing, I should be charged 35,10$ until July right? So why am I getting a price of 40$?? Am I the only one with this issue? A bit lost here...

From this page


The stabilization period prices will come into effect at your next payment cycle starting on, or after, April 12, 2019. Our current members will receive, after that date, an email outlining the new price of their mobile plan.


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Usually the 1$ is the voicemail, can you check if you activate it?
The new price will be applied to your next billing cycle.
Please check account ->my plan -> transaction history

I did add the voicemail, so there's that, but I was charged 46,52$ for upcoming bill. So you're saying that the bill after that will be 35,10$ + taxes??

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Next cycle the stabilization period price will come up!

Okay I understand now!! So stabilization prices come from the 04/02/19 outage which is why those prices (aka 10% discount) will be coming into effect after 04/12/19!! Okay I did not understand that. I thought the stabilization prices were the default prices since the end of the beta pricing period which is why I was a bit confused... Thanks so much for all your help!! Cheers!