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If I modify my Beta plan before April 12, 2019 do I maintain Introductory pricing after Stabilization pricing ends?

I am paying Mobile Beta prices right now on my account but want to modify my plan. If I make a change to my Mobile plan before April 12, 2019 do I maintain Introductory pricing after the Stabilization period pricing ends (currently set to end in July 2019)? If the answer is no, do I need to open a new account before April 12 to be able to keep Introductory pricing?



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Hello ,

If you change your plan during the stabilization period, you will benefit the introductory prices after the stabilization period will end.

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Yes you can.


What will happen to my price after the stabilization period?


For members who will have subscribed BEFORE April 12, 2019.

Once the stabilization period is over, your plan will return to its launch (introductory) price. Please note, however, that if you change your plan after the stabilization period, regular prices will apply. You will be notified of the end of the stabilization period one month in advance.

You can change your current plan before the end of the stabilization period and yet keep the introductory prices. After that, any change to your plan will bring also regular prices

Go ahead and modify your beta plan now. Don't wait for the last minute just in case. The changes will only come into effect at the end of your billing period and not right away. You will keep the intro prices if you do this.