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How to contact Support?

How do I contact the support service???

I have been able to chat with them once. Their solution did not help a lot, and never since I was able to see the chat bubble again. I looked into the following link: The chat option is the only option mentioned.

" Do it yourself. Be in control. Fizz is designed so members can help themselves and each other without having to wait. " Well I have waited long enough, you want me to be in control, do it myself? Give me access to your towers, and I will fix my issue. Until then please at least be available to assist me.


And does anyone know if I can get a refund? I know it is a new company (Daughter of a big company. So I do not believe they need handouts) and some hiccups are to be expected, but my experience was one big hiccup with few moments where I received what I paid for.



Thanx for the help.

Dmitry Buhman
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Open this link, wait a couple seconds and the chat bubble will appear on the right:


You can contact them via Messenger too if you want, but in my experience the chat is faster.


For the refund look at number 3 and 4 of that link:



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