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Transfer phone number later?

Would anyone know if I can transfer my phone number later? I would like to set up a new account (with a new number) and run both providers at the same time as I test that service is accurate. I would request a number transfer once I have confirmation that all is good. This would allow me to test the service and take advantage of the introductory pricing. Thank you.

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When you are activating your sim card, Fizz gives you the option of porting over an existing phone # or you can get a new number. Once the activation process is complete, you are stuck with your number. You can port in a number later but you will have to buy another sim card; at that point, it might be too late to take advantage of the introductory prices.

You can re-start the activation process later on with the original sim card and port in your existing phone number. So you would not need to buy another sim card. Again, It might be too late to enjoy the introductory prices.

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