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How many of SIM cards fried up?

More than a week ago my SIM card was fried. Stopped working so I had to change it. I have changed 2 sim card so far and I can't get internet connection more than 10 minutes after inserting the SIM in to my phone. I had no problem with the 1st SIM before fried up. I have 3 phones with 3 SIM cards. One Nexus 5 and 2 Pixel 2 XL. My SIM with my number and with my phone will stop any internet connection after 10 minutes. My sim with my number will work with any 2 other phones. Any other 2 sims with different numbers will work with my phone. All sims are fizz. Maybe one of you could solve the problem because so far the technical department has not found a solution.
So trying to see if I am the only one with this problem I found this
Funny wright!? But it is so f. true. I pay 28 + tax to talk to a chat buble. Nice
Have a good one



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Hello Nicoleta ,

I checked your account and I see that you have a ticket assigned towards our technical team regarding this situation.Once they will fix it you will be notified via email.

Have a nice day!

Marius Daniel

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Sim cards don't fry, I have never seen a sim card fry is in the whole span of cellular phones. I see you are using mostly Andriod devices, I would check if you set your APN settings properly, your data won't work otherwise.

the odds of 1 sim not working is low if you can't get 3 of them working, it's very likely it's a problem on your end with settings up your phones properly