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Is there a way to disable SMS notification for your rollover data?

Is there a way to disable the SMS notification for the rollover data or at least reschedule it for "acceptable" hours.

This is not an emergency notification SMS and is beyond annoying to receive at midnight.

I work in IT and need to be reachable 24/7 so I cannot silence my phone at night.

I don't mind "urgent" notifications, like if I was running over my data or something similar, but a "congratulations on your first rollover" SMS at midnight four months in a row is starting to become yet another irritant.

Not sure if this will work or not, but in your My Profile page, you have settings for Account communication preferences and Plan communication preferences that you can be sent by text or by email. Maybe setting this to email will do the trick?

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No unfortunately, it's already set to email.
That was the first thing I tried when I got my first midnight notification.
But it was a good suggestion.

I would like to know too. I don't want to silence my phone because my son is at school in another city, and I want to know if there's a problem. But I really don't need to be jolted out of sleep by the rollover notification every month. Oh, and I get two per month because somehow their system activated bonus data mid month, so I get one for that rollover, then another for my regular rollover. I did switch out my bonuses this month, so hopefully I'll be down to one rollover notice soon.

I was wondering the same thing, did not find a way to silence it My iPhone as I can do with other SMS...
I did receive a 25 $ reference SMS in the middle of the night ..... like at 4am... lol
Not nice Fizz, Not nice at all.. lol



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If you already received these notifications by email you can block Fizz from sending sms to your phone as a work around

@MT it is indeed a nice Workaround , I might have to do it, but i like getting SMS a 25$ a piece :) , just not in the middle of the night lol.

@MT: Blocking all Fizz SMS and relying on email is not ideal.

I work in the IT field, I get a LOT of emails at night from my automated systems so I don't get notified every time I receive one.

So any urgent notification Fizz would send me wouldn't be noticed until morning.
Not very useful if it's a notification about going over your data cap and accidentally leaving your phone paired to your PC while it downloads GBs of stuff.