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What to do when a Samsung is asking for a PUK Code

Needed to share this link posted orignialy in French, who might be helpful for people getting stuck when Samsung is asking for a PUK Code. I noticed few questions and could be cool to have an English version too!

Source of the original post from Eric :


"Some questions were asked on the forum about "a PUK code to unlock the SIM network". I had this problem on my Samsung Galaxy S7. None of these questions / answers really help me so I want to give the solution I found. I had this problem for 7 days without any other functional solution ...


Several people say that the phone is locked even though everywhere on the internet, the PUK code seems to be linked to the SIM card. They are right, this PUK code is different from the one found in FIZZ's online file. The one in the FIZZ folder is really to unlock the SIM card if it had a PIN. If the error speaks PUK code for "SIM network" then the phone is actually locked. By cons, in the case of a Samsung Galaxy S7, if it happened after you entered 3 incorrect PIN unlock, it takes another particular code. Rendered at this point, it takes 2 codes. The NCK code (to unlock the network) and the MCK code (to re-allow reuse of an NCK code). The MCK code is actually the famous PUK code that the Samsung S7 can ask.


After, having called my old provider (Telus) to have an unlock code (NCK) that did not work because I had tried too often and, after talking with Fizz also many times without success I contacted Samsung directly. Samsung was able to really help me.


They provided me with the MCK code (PUK code requested by the phone). Nobody other than Samsung had given me this code before. This allowed me to re-enter the NCK code provided by Telus to FINALLY unlock my phone."




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I have a Samsung S8+ and got in the same situation. When they ask the PUK code... it's not necessarily the PUK provided by FIZZ if you never connected to FIZZ in the first place.

I turned in circles and my provider Roger's couldn't help! I called Samsung. They said it would take a day to get codes from the manager but after asking a few other questions the codes seemed to have popped up on the guys computer. He gave me 2 codes that I entered one after the other and the phone unlocked.

I would suggest to any new user with a Samsung that gets a PUK issue to start with Samsung and work there way from there... it will save you time!



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I wasted a lot of time yesterday with my Samsung Galaxy S7 while trying to resolve this problem. I chatted with the live help from Fizz (Catalyne) who told me to contact my service provider. However I got the required 2 codes from Samsung via their live chat feature in a matter of minutes. Don't waste time trying to get them from your old/new service providers. This is the link to get the info

1) The Master Code Key (MCK), also known as a DEFREEZE or UNFREEZE CODE and/or;
2) A Network Control Key (NCK)also known as an Network Unlocking Code (NUC). This is the main network unlocking code.

It's important to note that what Samsung handsets refer to as a "SIM Network PUK" is actually the Master Code Key (MCK).

Instructions for unlocking.

1. Power off your device and insert the SIM from your new service provider.
2. Power on. If your device gives the following message you need to enter the MCK. "SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK." (See step 4 if your phone asks you for a SIM Network unlock PIN).
3. Enter MCK. It will likely tell you the code was "unsuccessful" however disregard this.
4. You should now be at a new screen which asks for the "SIM Network Unlock PIN." Enter the NCK here. Note you only get one chance to enter the NCK, so do NOT make a mistake.
5. You should see a message saying "Network unlock successful." Your phone is now unlocked.

Thank you for sharing this with us. I would suggest to any new user with a Samsung that gets a PUK issue to start with Samsung and work there way from there.