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I transfer my mobile number to a different provider after only one day of service where is my refund?

I transfer my mobile number to a different service provider because your service is terrible. I have also unsubscribe from your service and yet I don't access to get a refund and no chat is available. please help otherwise I will have to initiate a chargeback. I have submitted two complains in your contact form and still nothing.
Thank you.

Jun jie Lin
Jun jie Lin

Jun jie Lin

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You need to contact the support


Please contact the support

Go on this page, if you are not connect login
Wait 15 seconds for the bubble icon to appear at the bottom right of the browser and click on the icon

Your can also send a message by facebook and click send a message (this is a bit slower)

You can also fill a contact form
From the panel My Profile -> Contact Form (the subject are limited)

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Hi Jun,

If you had less than 15 days of service with Fizz, you will automatically receive a refund to your credit card/ There is nothing for you to do on your end. Sorry to hear that you're leaving us!