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Mobile hot spot do not work?

Since having switched over to Fizz from Rogers, I can no longer access my phone's hot spot from either my 2 laptops, iPad or Android tablet. My PC just spins and spins and can turn it on. My tablet don't even see it. Am I missing something?



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Hello Sylvain ,

I am sorry for this situation.If you have an Android phone I advise you to check your APN settings.Fizz APN settings are:
MMS proxy: 
MMS port: 80 
APN type: default,mms,supl
If you have an iPhone 
1. Make the software update
Connect to a Wi-Fi network 
Download the latest iOS software update 
2. Update the carrier settings
Once the software update is done, the iPhone will offer a carrier settings update. Make sure to accept it.
Also check the steps presented in the following FAQ : .

If you still need help contact us via live chat or Facebook Messenger for further investigation : .

Have a nice day!-Daniel

Marius Daniel