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Internet cuts off?

My internet has been cutting off (huge lag) since being installed. This happens on all laptops, Apple TV (unable to watch Netflix continuously), and phone. I've tried plugging in my laptop directly to the modem, but still lags.
I work from home and can see the system constantly connecting/disconnecting.
All my devices are up to date. Even loading a simple Google research takes time- never had this issue with same speed at Videotron.
This happens on Wi-Fi and plugged in.
Any way to fix this?

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Which speed package did you get?

I would suggest to do some tests and to install the Fizz Internet app

First using a cable direct to the modem, and then via wifi

The app gives you very good data of your speed with wifi and cable.
On cable you should get the same speed as your package, is this true?
If this is not true, do a factory reset

Open an Internet browser and enter in the address bar:
Identify yourself with the login information:
Username: cusadmin
Password: Your Wi-Fi password

This will erase everything and you need to start again with the password wrote on your modem

Hopefully this helps



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Try restarting your phone. It wil probably work!

Some members including myself are not happy with the modem Fizz provides. Try turning off band steering. You check how to do it in the Community Hub. I just turned off modem's wifi and connected my own router.